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Posture is the decisive factor in improving the quality of life!

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Exhibit contents

[Exhibition contents]

Concept video (3 minutes) of our original dynamic posture stabilizer, product explanation video (3 minutes), 4 drafts of materials: 2 drafts of video narration transcription, 2 abstracts of Tokyo Metropolitan University (ACOMPT2019, WCPT2019)
[Product description]
Posture is a mirror that reflects the state of mind and body!
The human skeleton is a structure that tends to be uneven due to mental and physical stress and physical tension.
An ideal neutral posture is the cornerstone of breathing, mental stability, and activities of daily living.
In today's aging society, the number of people suffering from fall fractures and difficulty walking is increasing year by year, and the risk of financial burden on medical expenses and long-term care welfare is increasing.
The unique dynamic posture stabilizer developed by us eliminates theimbalance between the pelvis and spine and guides the posture to the neutral position just by wearing it.
The mind and body adjustment stretch program expands the range of motion of the hip joint and scapula to improve the stability and safety of activities of daily living.
The comfortable fit is easy to incorporate into daily life, and since you can unknowingly establish the optimal position due to the learning effect and the real experience of reducing physical risk, you can expect the effect of raising the preventive awareness of each citizen.
New area! It is a mental and physical adjustment method that anyone can do by themselves with DPS!

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Healings Japan Co., Ltd.

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Tokyo Metropolitan University Faculty of Health and Welfare Department of Physical Therapy Kuruma Laboratory